Toothbrush To Cleanse Your Face

Toothbrush is, as we all know, meant to clean our teeth yet. However, you can use a toothbrush to cleanse your face too!



I was trying to figure out how to get a  post box so I can purchase facial cleansing brush as well as mourning the cost of it with our huge dollar-local currency exchange. I thought about alternatives and wondered if someone had tried a toothbrush.

Well, Google gave me a video dating back to 2007 with the YouTuber, Michelle Phan showing how to use electric toothbrush to clean the face. I was so excited! After reading and watching videos about cleansing brushes, the chance to have the same result was such a good feeling. Fortunately for me, I had an unused toothbrush somewhere in the house so  I grabbed the toothbrush and used it during the scrub stage. My skin felt  super clean and I understood why these cleansing brushes will work well.

Within two of using it, I can definitely see a difference at the right cheek. The bumps are going down and the dark spots aren't visible like they used to be. I also realized the skin there looks firmer which is a plus.

As I wait for the opportunity to get a facial cleansing brush, the toothbrush will do for now. If you've been using a cleansing brush lazily, do make better use of it or else pass it to me Lol.

How do you remove dead cells from your skin? Have you also done a facial before? I'm looking at probably getting a professional facial treatment in the form of chemical peels for the cheek area. If you know of any good place, kindly drop their contact or information in the comment box.

I will also be adding more skin care products to help you develop your own facial routine too.


  1. Maybel11:43 pm

    Wow...will be definitely trying this tonight!


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