Last week,I touched on how to spend money intelligently.Today we shall discuss a way of saving effectively. You must determine the amount of money you want to save.Write down the amount of money you can save per month.Remember,it's not the amount of money you can save but the amount that you will like to save monthly in order to reach your future goal.

For instance,you can decide that in the month of August that you will save thirty-one Ghana cedis only hence you will save a cedi a day.

So how do you save a cedi a day?

Firstly, aside having a savings account which your money is 95% safe and which luckily many banks have made it easy for everyone to have a savings account with a minimum amount of money, I will still introduce to you the common one every student and everyone knows about.PIGGY BANK OR SUSU BOX.
A piggy bank aka Susu box is one of the easiest ways to have quick access to some cash in times of need.

They often say 'little drops of water make a migthy ocean' That is why we must be dedicated and stay focus in order to make manageable sum of money annually.The best part is you do not have to put in a huge amount of money in your susubox.

So where my friends at?

What hair product or item do you have in your wishlist?

Everything is possible if we save.

Why not join in the challenge for August?Everyone ,parents and mostly students can join.

You have this week to grab a susu box .

Save a cedi a day starts on MONDAY 1ST AUGUST 2016!...

Thanks for reading.

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