3 Solutions For Menstrual Cramps

I was the queen of painful menstrual cramps until I made some lifestyle changes and also finding relief after my baby was born.

Prior to my pregnancy, these things helped cut down on menstrual cramps.

  1. Brisk walking prior to your flow, jump rope (skipping rope), planks or some abs. At least three days to your menstruation, go for long walks. I find these to help with the muscles in a way (can't say the science behind it) 

  2. Cut down  on milk, sugar and caffeine at least a week to your flow. These used to make me feel more bloated and uncomfortable, cutting them reduced that ultimately. 

  3. The most important change after my baby  was tampons! Apparently, the  pain we feel is when the discharge is making its way out. The muscles have to contract to push the thing out. By using tampons, the muscles didn't need to work themselves in pushing stuff down which eases the pain! Even after my baby, there were horrible times but after tampons, I can boldly say no more pain. Give it a try! 


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