Castor Aloe Oil + Hair Update

I first created the castor aloe oil for my scalp but I stumbled on an article about how the same combination helps with burns and scars! It's that powerful.

I, therefore, decided to make another batch purposely for my edges for September to November.

I cut the gel out of the fresh aloe vera and poured  in the Jamaican Black Castor Oil and added three drops of peppermint oil. 

When I apply on the edges, it feels soft and moisturized whilst I know  the new growth coming in will be healthy and strong too. If I don't feel like wearing my hair out, I'll just wig it too. 

As for vitamins, I've been given prescribed a women's vitamin which will last for 30 Days. After that,  I'll get another pack and then I'll be fully recovered. Yes, I've not been well for about a week now but I'm better. So, by September ending or  afterwards, I'll think of when to relax. 

Until then,  the best I can do is scalp massages, daily application of oil on scalp and edges, drinking more water, moisturizing and sealing and weekly deep conditioning. I'm considering getting a heating cap to provide heat for my low porosity hair. 

One thing I've also learnt about low porosity hair is using warm water to rinse instead of cold water so I'll try that and report back to you.

So the next edges updates will be on 29th September and then 29th October.  I'll create a second batch of the castor aloe oil at the end of September. 


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