We all know about how good castor oil is for hair thickness and edges regrowth. Did you ever stop to think about how castor oil could be used elsewhere on the body (apart from as a laxative of course lol)?

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Back in school,  an old friend met me purchasing regular castor oil. She immediately asked if I was going to use it on my face, as she’s heard that it is a really good makeup remover. I told her I intended using it for my hair. After we parted however, the inquisitive cat in me headed to Google to find out if truly, castor oil could be used for the skin. I found a lot of benefits of castor oil on the skin! Just read below😄


Castor oil is said to be able to slow down the aging process. On application, castor oil penetrates the skin, stimulating the production of collagen and elastin. These tend to soften and hydrate our skin, delaying the appearance of wrinkles. Add this to our daily doses of laughter and smiles and say hello to younger skin for longer!


Applying castor oil after washing your face aids in reduction of acne occurrence. The ricinoleic acid found in castor oil penetrates the skin’s layers, fighting off all acne-causing bacteria.


Castor oil is rich in fatty acids that find it easy penetrating the skin. This helps to reduce dryness. All you need is to apply it to your face right after washing. Castor oil is an all-natural inexpensive skin moisturizer!


This may take some time and requires diligent application. The ever hardworking fatty acids in castor oil penetrate the skin, going deep into the scar tissues, taking them out, whilst at the same time encouraging the growth of healthy tissues in and around that perimeter.

See just how awesome castor oil is? It really does wonders that oil. Thanks for reading everyone. If you’ve ever tried castor oil for your skin, let us know in the comment section, or the fora! Till the next one.

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