Mrs. Walton is an American therapist and hair enthusiast. She’s the main administrator of, a worldwide known natural hair website. Her hair is similar to mine in terms of structure - dense fine hair, and my is it gorgeous!

I love Nikki for quite a number of reasons aside her awesome head of healthy hair.

1. She realized as a therapist that your hair is a quick giveaway of your psychological health state. Be it happiness, envy, depression, joy, etc., it can be noticed easily with the way your hair is looking at that particular time.

2. Nikki publishes posts in the most basic terms possible. She only posts things she’s experienced/tried. She also doesn’t mince words when it comes to her blog- she tells stuff just as they are!

4. Lastly, Nikki focuses more on the health of hair rather than its length and that’s something most people do not seem to do. As a result she’s written two books that answer most of the questions we ask ourselves, and even the aspects we hate to think about;

-Better Than Good Hair

-When Good Hair Goes Bad

Visit for the second book as its free to download- very educational!

Thanks for reading dearies! Have a great weekend! Till the next one.

Kuukua (Shantays).


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