Living where the wind blows?

 We’re living in an era where people live as the days go by. We take the day as it comes and adjust to it.

Did we know that the day is rather supposed to adjust to us? The sun rises and sets at specific times but we can actually determine our own day and night? Did you know?

Most working people go through the typical 9-5 jobs but those jobs may not be what brings them maximum income. It’s what they do after their 9-5; overnight. This is why I believe we can determine our own days and nights lol.

Living as the days go by means that one does not have set goals you wish to achieve. Some may argue that their goals are made as the day goes on but that could mean that a whole day could pass you by without you achieving anything.

 Goals are really important people. Everyone has long term goals they wish to achieve and I’m no different, but one thing we tend to forget is that, long term goals need short term steps in order to be reached. You want to be a head professional in your chosen career? You have to work daily towards it. This is why to-do lists and journaling is really important. Here are some tips you can start as soon as today! In order to make the most out of your day.

· Get a journal

· Write down your long term goals; you need to see them in writing in order for you not to forget. This also gives you a visual picture of what you want to achieve.

· Write daily goals aiming at the long term goal; do a little every day, working towards the greater good lol. Include all your plans for that day and allocate time to each activity. This keeps you in check and prevents you from using 6 hours for something that can be done in 30 minutes.

· Pray! We all need assistance from the big man herself. Pray for strength and discipline. Commit all your goals, long or short, to Him and watch them come to life right in front of your eyes.

Start this week right! Start journaling. Start setting daily targets. You never know how easy something can be until you try.

Thanks for reading! If you have comments and contributions, don’t forget to comment below. And don’t forget to join our fora!;) Till the next one.

Kuukua (Shantays)


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