My Hair @ 5 Weeks Post Relaxer

My cornrows have saved me a lot of stress and energy in dealing with my own hair . At 5 weeks post relaxer, all I want to do is to continue keeping this cornrows till I hit week 12.

I apply oil almost daily to the edges and three or four times a week, on the Scalp. I want to prevent losing the edges and also keeping the hair moisturized so I spray Cantu sheabutter split end mender on the braids itself since the product is very watery and light. Using on my own hair leaves it too damp so it's better this way. 

The split end mender will be able to work on the hair to prevent the any split if it really does that. 

I won't be washing the cornrows but will clean the Scalp with cotton as the weeks go on. 

When I hit 12 weeks, we'll see which direction I'll take; relax or continue stretching by braiding again. 

I'm preparing to go back to work after this holiday break so I won't have time for my hair until I settle down. These cornrows are making it easy for  me so I won't mind getting another set around October after taking the current one down. I may just enjoy the hair for a few days and then hide it again. 

How's your hair? 


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