Product Empties!

Well this junkie decided to finish up most of her product stash during the latter part of this year, to make way for new stuff in the next year.  This doesn't mean over use of the product but just sticking to one shampoo/ conditioner/ treatment until it's finished,  before using another. This also means I'm on a no buying challenge for the rest of the year. It's hard honestly, but once it's been decided I take the temptations and divert my energy somewhere else (saves me a lot of money too).

So far,  I've finished up 3 products- a shampoo;, a dc and a rinse out conditioner.  I now have just one shampoo,  3 dc''s and a rinse out conditioner. Now to the names of the products! 

• Shampoo- Aunt Jackies 'Oh So Clean' shampoo

•Dc- Ain't Jackies 'In Control' moisturising deep conditioner. 

•Rinse out conditioner- Aubrey Organics Moisturising conditioner. 

I'm hoping my shampoo lasts till the end of the year. If not, I'll be using African black soap (alata samina) as a shampoo until next year God willing. I'm also trying to finish up some oils I have and I'm doing this in the form of testing each oil and how it works on its own. The first to go will be my ORS hair repair vital oils (I think I have just 10 drops left!). 

Are you trying to clear out your stashed?  Do you have any empties? Let us know right below! 

Kuukua (Shantays)


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