Quick Wash Day + Good News

The month of August has been one of the most beautiful dark times in my life but I still have to find the strength to be better and stronger and that includes still caring to wash my hair to look presentable.

In the midst of the chaos and success, I took down my cornrows because it reminded me of the turmoil I'd gone through - I got them with a reason and that reason turned into a painful memory. Each time I looked at the cornrows, I was reminded of what I'd been through and where I'd gone.

I washed with  Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo to clarify the hair and followed up with Cantu sheabutter rinse out conditioner. I'll deep condition next wash. 

I air dried without stretching or blow drying because I wasn't sure I'd wear it out - my mind is 80% on wigs for September which means I can do green house effect challenge!!! 

I'm getting better as I mentioned in the previous post,  physically and emotionally. God has also blessed me with  a new job so I can say Blessed be His Name for providing light in the midst of the storm. My husband has been my rock and I praise God for him. I pray God will bless him abundantly and exceedingly. I've been barely out of a job and God has offered a new one. 

I've also taken control of other areas of my life including achieving financial freedom in 12 weeks. I've grown wiser and smarter in spending  so it's time to be a saver. Minimal spending on hair products, replacing only when needed, restock facial cleansers and scrubs and streamlining my income will go a long  way to get to my Goals. I'll make a separate post on that. 

Anyway,  that's it about my hair. Watch my video on www.youtube.com/EmprezzAbena for how to finger Detangling to see my current length. 


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