Reasons Why your Hair is Eternally dry

Most people complain of their hair being dry. They automatically assume that, that is its genetic state and as such they may decide not to do anything about it.
There are other reasons aside genetics that can cause our hair to be dry 24/7.

Protein Overload
This occurs usually amongst us because we feel our hair needs more strength than moisture. We tend to use protein deep conditioners more than moisture based ones and this can cause your hair to feel dry all the time.

Product Ingredient Ignorance
This is another point we all fall victim to. We do not read the ingredients of our products. Most people follow a brand name, or their design when purchasing products for our hair. It's good to note that, products that state that they strengthen the hair are actually protein based products. Also, products that contain any kind of proteins in the ingredient list may cause your hair to dry up.  You can find this out by reading the ingredients list at the back of the products. This will save your hair a great deal.

Hair porosity is a major determinant of how dry your hair can get. If your hair tends to get dry very often, even after checking your product's ingredients and having a balance between moisture and protein based products, it's most likely that you have high porosity hair.
If you have high porosity hair it simply means that, just as your hair absorbs moisture easily, it let's go of it just as fast. The follicles of the hair shaft are 'forever open' and as such you lose everything you apply within a short period of time.

In caring for dry hair, products such as vegetable glycerine and aloe vera can be used to moisturise the hair. Also, the use of thick oils such as shea butter can be used to seal in the moisture.

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    .Nice one there Kuks but don't you think low porosity hair can also lead to dry hair as the cuticles are tightly closed hence making it difficult to absorb moisture ?


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