Regrow Edges: August Update

If you take a critical look at the edges,  you'll notice that I've suffered a major setback as a result of just the zip braid and the cornrow for wigs.

Im almost back to the beginning of the year when it was so horrible! This means I can't even braid for wigs so I'm just going to wear the wigs  like that. 

I have three wigs now so I'll use them until I see progress again. I wore the hair out on Monday but I wasn't so excited about how the front looked. Aside that,  I'm dealing with severely underprocessed hair from the July relaxer so my 3 weeks growth looks like I'm 12 weeks post. I intend to stretch for a bit longer before touching up again. 

I'll be using the Jamaican Black Castor Oil twice a day again until I see the regrowth. 

I'll also be getting roller sets in between the wigs to see how much length I've gained. Hopefully, I'll have the wash post up by Thursday. 

I know I haven't been updating you about my hair; it's just pure laziness Lol. My hair has become very thick  too which makes styling quite difficult considering the shortness. I'm sure by October,  I'll be able to  do a full pony. 

Let's see how the salon wash goes. I've just been so lazy. 


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