Relaxer Update (August 2016)

I decided to end the stretch because the underprocessed and new growth were too much to handle.

To prepare the hair,  applied some Castor oil on the scalp the previous night and had a good massage to relax the Scalp. 

Next morning, I applied Chi silk infusion to the already relaxed hair. I used ABC relaxer again and allowed the hair dresser to smoothen for about 5 minutes. I sat down for another 10 minutes. 

After shampoo,  she used apple cider vinegar diluted in water to rinse. I deep conditioned for about another 10 minutes under hooded dryer with the Cantu sheabutter deep treatment mask. Because the Chi silk infusion is protein based,  I didn't want to use a protein treatment. 

I let her roller set with just water after applying Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in conditioner.

Watch the video to see my length.


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