Renpure Solutions Rosemary & Mint cleansing conditioner

I've been using the Renpure Solutions Rosemary & Mint cleansing conditioner since last year and I can finally share my thoughts about how it works.

Back in 2012, the chorus was all about using sulfate free shampoos to reduce the damage caused by washing with these products. Eventually, we began to switch to a milder form of shampoos, milder than the sulphate free ones.

Cleansing conditioners are the intermediate sort of cleansing product between shampoo and conditioner. They are a kind of hybrid of shampoo and conditioner which allows you to enjoy clean scalp without drying or stripping your hair off all its oils.

Whilst conditioners also help in cleaning your hair, they can equally cause build up because they do not thoroughly clean the hair. They don't have the same cleansing properties as shampoo.

The cleansing conditioners can help not only in preventing dryness but can be used if your scalp is sensitive to shampoos and other cleansing agents.

Some ladies also prefer the cleansing conditioners as mid week products for washing and cleaning the scalp. How often you use it depends on what you want to achieve with your wash.

In the video, I talk about where to purchase the Renpure Solutions Rosemary & Mint cleansing conditioner, the thickness, the effectiveness, slip, tingling and whether my hair likes it or not.

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