Steps To A Healthy Lifestyle

2016 brought with it a heightened awareness of individuals on how important a healthy lifestyle is. This has introduced various forms of workout, meal plans and healthy living agencies into our lives, costing some people a whole lot of money than they imagined. 

Today we'll look at easy steps you can take on your own, as well as changes you can make to your lifestyle that'll bring a change in your health.

Drink more Water

This has been said over and over again. Water is the most important substance our body needs to survive. Most often, due to the fact that we don't drink enough of it,our bodies store the little water we drink in order to operate. This leads to bloating. A total of 8 glasses of water is recommended as the minimum amount of water one should take. Don't think too much about the many visits to the washroom lol. It just means your system is being cleansed.

Fruits & Vegetables

This is yet another one we hear so often. One does not need all the sophisticated fruits and vegetables to remain healthy. Our very own 'kontonmmire', 'agushie', garden eggs etc, are rich sources of vitamins and minerals that'll aid in sustaining our health. Fruits it's been advised, should be eaten according to their season, so that you'll have a broad range to consume all year round. Eating them according to their season also means you'll be purchasing the said fruits at a time where their prices will be reduced. Who doesn't love extra savings lol.


In as much as we eat lots of fruits and vegetables, there may be times where we may not get access to all the vitamins our body requires. This is where multivitamins come into play.They make up for all the vitamins and minerals we'll be needing throughout the day.


We don't need gyms to exercise. You can skip, climb stairs, take a walk around your neighbourhood and even dance to your favourite songs right in the comfort of your home. Exercise can be done in as little as 5 minutes and you're ready for the day!

Love Yourself

Accept yourself. You're special in many ways than one. Loving yourself means you want the best for yourself and this will encourage you to be healthy. Reward yourself once in a while (everyone deserves a cheat day ). Being healthy shouldn't be a punishment, it should be an exciting journey for you.

Thanks for reading everyone and I hope this helps someone. Kindly leave a comment on your thoughts or concerns. Till the next one loves!

Kuukua (Shantays)


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