The Wash @ 3 Weeks Post Relaxer

I can't remember the last time I was so lazy with wash day. It seems as my hair gets longer,  I get lazier. I've been doing Vlogging Everyday in August(VEDA) and it has mostly been about hair tips and techniques. However,  when it comes to update about my  hair, it's another story. 

My edges aren't really making my styles look great so curly hair will be better for covering those parts. I'm also 3 weeks post relaxer and the under processed hair plus the new growth don't look any different. 

I've been good with my vitamins and will be switching up very soon to another one. That brand will do for the rest of th  challenge and beyond. I'm hoping for full neck length or grazing shoulder length by October when I touch up. The wigs, especially, the short one is doing just the perfect work of protecting my hair on days I don't want to wear my hair out which is pretty much almost 4 times a week. 

Wash days are getting quite interesting and with the VEDA, I'm getting more creative with DIY. I recently created a coconut water leave in conditioner and I absolutely love it. I'll be doing an update views on it  soon.

The things I want to do now are the oat shampoo, be consistent with coffee rinses from October and more fruits in my breakfast or lunch. 

I'm more concerned about taking preventive measures so coffee rinsed are to prevent shedding. I don't have a regular shampoo yet; I use the cleansing conditioner but the oat shampoo is said to  be equally effective in cleaning the hair so I can give it a try whilst I wait on the dark and lovely products I won!!! 


I've done a wash and a co wah in the past few days but I procrastinated the posts so I forgot the whole process. Check to see why I've been up to on my channel. 


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