30 Days of Protective Styling.

[caption width="400" align="aligncentre"]Protective  Styling Challenge Protective Styling Challenge [/caption]

For the month of October, we are are going hardcore with protective styling.
As the harmattan sets in,  we want to keep our hair protected to avoid loosing all that we've gained during the year.
You can wear any style of your choice. However, these are the rules.
1. No tight styles like tiny twists aka Gari.
2. Ensure that you keep your scalp clean either with dry shampoo or washing.

Along with protective styling,  we'll be doing scalp massaging to increase growth. For those who can,  you may do inversion for 7 days.

I'll fall on wigs and buns with extensions during  the period for optimum retention. My ends will definitely be tucked in with any style. 

It will also be a good time to be consistent with your growth aid. 


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