4 Weeks Post Relaxer Update

If I say I've been monitoring the days and weeks, I'd be kidding myself because I only think of my hair probably twice a day. Yes, I mean I can't even recall how the last wash day went Lol . That's going  to change this week for the reason that I'm using this time to prepare the hair for the harmattan when I won't be wearing  wigs that often. 

The Vitamins 

I'd wanted to take biotin alongside my women's vitamins but care has to be taken in order not to have negative side effects so I'm putting it on hold until November when I'm done with the current vitamins. 


I haven't noticed much growth this time obviously because I haven't been taking any hair supplements. This just shows the effectiveness of hair supplements in my hair journey. Usually, by week 4, the new growth is very thick and can't be easily seen. This time though,  it's like two weeks worth of growth. Since I can't take the hair vitamins, I have chosen a different hair growth method which is Sulphur oil on the scalp. 

The Sulphur mix 

The mix is 8oz which can be used for about 3 months or more. I have a post on how I prepared it.

I've also been applying wild growth  oil to the edges. I'll post an update in a month's time. 

Aside these,  in focusing on retaining moisture in the hair and finding ways to  prevent any setback. I intend relaxing in December but I may relax earlier than that if the Sulphur gives me the growth I want. 

I'll be setting  hair goals again starting October to keep track of the progress. I've been better at sticking to goals this year so I can equally transfer that to this hair journey. I'm still motivated by the reader who challenged me to get to waist length to proof that I can grow my hair long and not use scissors as a cover up for my inability to do so. Yes,  that's the challenge. 

How's your hair doing ? 


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