I've Had This Dream Wedding Since I was a Kid

Prior to graduating from  the University, I had no idea what went into weddings  until my then boyfriend now husband took me to some weddings and got to consciously witness the whole celebration. 

I was so mesmerized by what I saw that I couldn't imagine what it took.  I'd never imagined myself in a white gown and all the pageantry that came with weddings. 

Fast forward to  my wedding,  I got opposite of what most ladies dream of. I had no dream wedding so I went with the flow and the circumstances and till date,  I cherish  every minute of the preparation and the  day itself. For me,  my wedding was on my terms and my husband's too. It's part of those things we agreed to agree on in every aspect. From food to clothing,  we had laid done our plans our way. We had family support but it was all within what the two of us wanted and nothing more. 

I keep mentioning the  two of us because it wasn't my wedding- it was our wedding and we did it our way. I'm proud to say I never imposed any dream wedding as I had none!   

There have been some conversations with other ladies that got my eyes rolling. Why on earth are some ladies saddled with debts and frustrations during their wedding? Why? 

What does it matter if you don't wear the  Cinderella ball gown? What's wrong with not even having extensions in your hair if that's part of the   cost? Don't let me tell you how much people spend on Venues and food minus the rings and accessories. If you can afford it,  no problem but don't do it because it was your childhood fantasy. 

You'll end remembering how you prayed against staining your dress rather than the vows you took! 

Add this to these trends of bridal showers, bachelorette parties and girls night outs! All these in the name of fulfilling wishes and goals mtchewww. 

As for  our men,  they  may not complain but the financial burden will take a toll on both of you after the  event. Some couples spend months settling after wedding due to lack of finances whilst others don't get to enjoy some goodies because they can't afford to. 

My advice is met your wedding bring you profit Lol. 

Here's to 6 years of being married to a wonderful and supportive husband.


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