Overnight Hair Growth Testing!

I got some free time and decided to wash the hair but without my deep conditioner at home, I chose to try the overnight hair growth bandwagon in the process of washing the hair.

My History With Eggs 

I don't see eggs as good deep conditioners but for the sake of this method,  I ventured into using my breakfast. The last time I used egg on my hair,  I didn't have any moisturizing products nor knew that much about deep conditioning with protein. I think you'll find that post by searching '' egg treatment ''. I ended up blow drying too I think and just got dry,  stiff hair. 

This Egg 

I used two eggs, about a tablespoon of oil and coconut oil. 

I beat the egg and oil and applied to dry hair in the kitchen sink. I didn't want any mess in the bathroom. I covered the hair with a shopping bag and an old dress to catch the dripping mix before I smelt of egg. 

After an hour, I'll wash it off. I didn't take a length check picture because I don't believe in pulling hair gives accurate measurements. If I get growth,  my pony will tell. 

I'll be back with the  results God willing tomorrow. Enjoy your Friday! 


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