The Hassles of Career Wife

I recall back in senior secondary school a conversation I had with a classmate about our career. I remember telling him I wanted to be a career woman! I do know I had no idea as what it entailed but I intended it to mean work hard and pay my own bills Lol. 

These days,  women are more than career wives. I used career wives because even staying at home to care for kids isn't an easy task. After experiencing that, I can tell you that  at the end of the day,  be it office or home,  we get equally exhausted, frustrated and still have incomplete works for the next day. 

I just want a day off to sleep yet even that day has its agenda. My weekends aren't different from week day hassling so guess what? I'm a career wife 365 days.  From attending wedding,  funerals,  visiting friends to going on trips,  sometimes I'm left with just me and myself.

This year, my trips haven't been so much and that means boredom sets in with the same routine. 

Now,  let's add kinds to the equation and we get hassling career wife and mother Lol. Some say one child is way to handle but whether one or ten,  their needs don't change.

Ade you a career wife and mother? 


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