3 Weeks Post Relaxer Wash Day + Sore scalp

It's been 3 weeks post relaxer  already ! To wash the hair,  I clarified with Sheamoisture African black soap shampoo thinking that will also ease the scalp burns I had. I applied the Cantu sheabutter rinse out conditioner, applied Cantu sheabutter lotion and sealed with coconut oil. I air dried overnight and straightened it the next day before bunning with extensions . 

It was fun wearing such an elegant style but there was a serious problem . 

My scalp still feels sore even after a week of the post weave. Thus I intend using Jamaican Black Castor Oil daily for the next few weeks. I need the scalp to be at its utmost best for the next touch up (if I decide to do it in December ) . 

Overall,  I'll be washing the hair again but deep condition this time and flat iron it for the week. This method seems to be working quite well so I'll keep at it for another month or so. 

The Protective Styling challenge will end on 31st October but it won't end for me. I'll continue wearing the hair with the ends tucked away. 


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