Deep Conditioning Challenge

[caption id="" align="aligncentre" width="400"]Deep conditioning challenge Deep conditioning challenge[/caption]

Since the harmattan has shown it's claws,  we are going to also show our swords by doing a deep conditioning challenge. How does that sound? Lol.

Deep conditioners come in different types and uses but the bottom-line is to provide the hair with moisture to prevent breakage and dry hair during the harmattan in particular. Protein deep conditioners at this point are not necessary; what is needed a moisture rich deep conditioner.

1. Deep condition twice a week.  Use a conditioner to cleanse and alternate with a shampoo before deep conditioning.
2. Use a protein treatment once a month or only when your hair feels too soft or mushy. We don't want moisture overload too. Some protein treatments include ORS hair mayonnaise, vitale hair mayonnaise, aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and others.
3. Mix oils into your deep conditioner to provide boost in the moisture.

Depending on the length, thickness and texture of your hair, you can deep condition more than once a week.


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