October Hair Goals

This is first month in this year that I've chosen to set goals. Reaching new heights require new direction, game plans and executing tactics so I'm back to setting goals.

Goal 1 

Be diligent with Sulphur mix. That's not going to be an option since it's the challenge we have in the Hair Growth group. 

Goal 2

Be proactive in using the wild growth oil too on the edges. The year ends soon and there has to be some sort of postive results. 

Goal 3

Deep condition each week of the month. The harmattan will get severe towards November thus protecting the hair now is essential. 

These are the three points of focus for October. There may be other ones but these take precedence. 

Goal 4

Stick to protective styling with my own hair. I think this will go well because I'm able to create roll and tuck styles now. 


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