Wash Day @5 Weeks Post Relaxer

First, let me complain about how the hair has not grown so much this time because I'm not taking my supplements.

Usually by  4 weeks, it will be uncontrollably thick as a result of the new growth but this time,  it feels as if I just relaxed it. It feels like the it has grown just 1/4 too. Lol. 

We start the Sulphur oil mix as well as the protective style challenge this October therfore I'm hopeful for better growth. 

I won't be injesting any hair supplements which translates into better monitoring of the Sulphur. 

There are 21 ladies participating in this year long challenge so expect tons of updates and pictures.

Reader Votes 

 At the end of the month, you the reader, will have the opportunity to choose one participant as winner. You'll see the length check pictures and the poll will be up throughout November to select the winner. 

This is going to be so much fun!  

The Wash Day

I washed the hair at the salon again as I mentioned. Being salon dependent can be useful if your stylist understands your needs which is exactly what I have. She shampooed twice and conditioned hair. She used the Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam leave in and oil. 

The hair is gradually growing out of the blue rollers and venturing into the green rollers! That's a huge progress. 

My hair tuned out sleek and shiny. Another customer kept staring at it, perhaps, wondering how that happened. I also for the first time, got to see my hair really touching the neck fully in all its smoothness.

I'm going to bun again next week and throughout the month because of the protective style challenge currently underway. 

That's how I wear the hair during the week. 


  1. Your hair looks really slick and shiny. I am going to start taking supplements again because of your previous results. Let me see if I can get an extra boost.


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