Achieving Ketosis

If you are into weight loss then you may have heard of ketosis. Basically, it's about letting the body use up excess fat by allowing the body to convert it to glucose. At least that's the basic understanding.

To achieve ketosis involves a very low carb diet which is what I did last year to loose some weight. This year too, I want to loose the weight before we enter a fresh year.

This time around, I want to make it a constant diet for the next 6 months to achieve a healthy body.

Today is the first day and the meal plan included taking enough protein meals. 3 Eggs for a breakfast, soy milk and fruits for lunch and possibly salad for supper. From Saturday though, it's going to be more chicken and vegetables for lunch and supper.

I'll keep you updated. I know ketosis can kick in even within a day so I'm definitely hoping for great progress.


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