Healthy Eating For Weight Loss Day 5

Today, I made another change in the diet by eliminating eggs and replacing them with sardine. I guess Baby J can help with eating the eggs. 

For breakfast, a small slice of wheat 🍞 bread and pineapple juice. 

Since Sunday evening, icw had ear ache and tried to dismiss it. Well, I couldn't eat nor chew properly. By lunch, I had no other option than to go to the hospital. I took the rest of the salad in pain. By evening, I had to take some banku with okro in order to take my medication. I made sure to eat a small size of the banku with plenty soup. My ear was sealed with plasta to allow the antibiotics to work. 

That's how the day went. I wouldn't wish thia kind of pain on any of my loved ones ( Enemies??😊😊😊)


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