Low carb diet day 6

This morning, I thanked God for haven began the dietary changes before the ear ache came in. I've grown accustomed to eating light so I was able to chew some salad. This time, I added egss because I knew eating anything else was going to be a hellish experience. 

I skipped lunch and for supper,I had to eqr something heavy so I went for fried riped plantain and beans stew. As for my ear, even labour pains would have been over by now. It throbs so badly. I can barely talk and even the slightest movement makes me groan in pain.

The pain is so excruciating that I have to be in bed most of the time. I couldn't go to work too. 

On the whole though, I feel lighter and that could mean loosing weight. I don't want setbacks so even in my pains, I'm conscious about taking a lot of water and praying for divine healing.


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