Low Carb, not No carbohydrates.

It's easy to be engrossed in our desire to loose weight and forget about creating a balance. As with every weight loss, you need to be realistic and have a realistic long term plan.

If you intend living on only vegetables, you ought to figure out how to sustain that lifestyle. I intend creating a sustainable weight loss lifestyle. This will eliminate boredom, stress and the urge to make meal plans all the time.

What I want to is develop the habitnif making healthy meal choices. Consciously eliminating more than half of the carbohydrates is much better than going no carbohydrates because I can't sustain that life. 

Its easy to go no carbohydrate at work and replace with vegetables. This means I get to reduce carbohydrate intake by 50-70%. That's a good margin for me.

The other thing about my weight loss is  I'm simply replacing my lunch with vegetables and switching from white bread to wheat bread for breakfast. These little changes will go a long way to cut down my weight. As for the gym, I'm beginning to give it a thought; I just want a stable diet plan before I hit the machines to have optimum results. I read that weight loss is 80% diet and 20% training so by creating a healthy diet, I can loose the weight faster.

Of course,at the end of it all, the weight I loose shouldn't return and a practical meal plan will be a necessity.


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