October in Review + November Hair Goals

I began setting monthly hair goals again in October to motivate and guide me. 

The three main hair goals were to: 

  1. Stick to the protective styling challenge. I didn't fail in this challenge; I stuck with it till the end. I'm still protective styling with extensions. It wasn't a difficult task because I could wear the hair in a sort of bun as well as switch up with accessories. I'm really glad I did his challenge because I saw not only retention in hair growth but moisture retention too since the hair wasn't exposed to the elements eg the  sun.

  2. Be diligent with the Sulphur oil mix challenge and I passed that one too. I was pretty much consistent and will continue to be until the bottle is empty. The tingling sensation as a result of the essential oils also helped with increase in hair growth.

  3. Deep condition more than once a week was  a fail in a way. I couldn't deep condition because I was in crotchet braids and when the hair was out, I was extremely lazy and exhausted for the most part to be concerned. I won't blame myself too much because I was consistent with deep conditioning after every wash. That's a plus .

November hair agenda 

We are already a week into November but I've continued the application of the Sulphur oil every other day and the wild growth daily before leaving for work.

The new goals will be:

  1. Finish the biotin: I've taken about half already so I intend finishing it up. Since its only biotin, I.can take it alongside the women's vitamins or finish it up then switch to the women's vitamins. I love  the state of my nails. 

  2. For the rest of the month, I will keep using the Sulphur every other day as well as the wild growth oil. 

  3. Lastly, I want to purchase one hair product this month, most especially, argan oil (75gh is the lowest you'll find on the market.) I won't mind adding extra virgin olive oil too. Let's see how it goes.

Since my hair isn't out, these goals will suffice . What are your goals ?


  1. Fell off the wagon of creating my monthly hair schedules. They actually help to know whether what you are doing at a particular time works for your hair or not.


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