The Diet Hurdle

I've gone from 60kg to 66kg this year and it doesn't seem much unless you have a pregnant looking tummy like mine.

No, I'm not pregnant but my weight gain is mostly in my mid section and tummy isn't exempted. To loose more fat in this region requires extreme measures. Since I'm reluctant to go back to the gym ( for several reasons ), I've decided to  control my diet.

The problem is I get home from work and sometimes, I'm not hungry. After about two hours, I get hungry and have to eat. What can I do? Eat even if I don't like it ? There aren't many healthy options after 6pm either.

I've incorporated fruits in my lunch but that still doesn't sustain me. Teaching and hunger seems to be buddies. I'm still reading about what I can eat for sustained energy. Probably, cut out the carbohydrates and replace with protein. The challenge here is the type of protein that can hold me till bed time. 

Any options?


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