Zip Braid Hair Style

The zip braid is a style that involves pushing all the hair into the bottom braid. The final result is a braid that looks like a zipper hence the name zip braids.
The whole style took about two hours to install. Prior to the installation, I'd called the stylist to prepare the hair. Thus the time spent was lesser. Being economical involved time management too.

Its been a week in the zip braid. So far, I just apply Sulphur oil on the scalp and wild growth hair oil on the edges.

I've also been wearing the hair in ponytails all through the week. I'll keep them for the rest of the relaxer stretch I intend ending on 22nd December. That will put me around 12 weeks post relaxer. This will be an awesome way to end the year as well as usher in the new one since I haven't done 12 weeks stretch since 2013!


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