2017 Hair Goals

The 2017 hair goals aren't going to be any different from the 2016 ones.

Hair Length

The first goal is to hit APL at least. My hair is at this moment slightly pass back length. By June, it should be Collar bone length. That's about 6 months of growth with about 3 inches.

The immediate length is  shoulder length by March. To get there , I'm going to keep bunning, deep conditioning, using the Sulphur oil mix, applying wild growth hair oil to the edges and taking my hair supplements.

Hair Supplements

I don't intend taking hair supplements forever. I want to switch to focusing on a healthy scalp and healthy strands. In as much as fast hair growth is desirable, retaining is the growth is much more important. I'll be switching to another women's supplements in the neqr future  which means I may just get to try the mielle vitamins one month and the mane choice too, another. It all boils down to what happens in the coming months. 


Secondly, attempt longer relaxer  stretching. Now that the hair is almost at a full bun, I can style it easily. Stretching relaxer is crucial for thickness and preventing scalp damage. To gain such thickness, at least 12 weeks is advised. 

About three years ago, I decided not to big chop again. Well, that didn't hold but the next goal is to restrain and avoid any cuts. I will trim twice though to get rid of old ends. The first trim will be in June and the next one in December God willing.

In connection with the trim, I'll get a different stylist to do it because I've had a stylist give me an uneven trim which led to some of my hair frustrations.

I'm super-duper excited about 2017 too because 7 is my birth number ! That promises to be an amazing year for achieving more hair goals. To maintain healthy ends, trimming at the 6 months interval will ensure I don't do unnecessary cuts.

Hair Products

Another goal is to stock up on products especially deep conditioners this December as I know there would be sales. There are four brands I'd intended testing two years ago but didn't materialize because of the big chops. This is the time to do that. I want to use the zabrinaturals full product range, as well as other new products on the market. I have a ton of new products to test so stay tuned.

Hair Styles 

If my own hair is going to be enough for buns, why spend money on braids ? Well, once in a while you get bored so I'm not going to rule out braids like I've done previously and failed. Realistically, I know  I will be braiding. I won't therefore limit myself. I will also wear wigs but definitely no weaves. I may get the braided wigs too.


I intend doing the 12 weeks stretch in 2017 which brings it to a total of 4 touch ups. I also will try other relaxers to see how they work though the ABC relaxer has become a favorite. I will  use the Sunny Isle Relaxer a try, the Hawaiian silky and the Creme of Nature relaxers a try. I'll be reviewing them after use.

Hair Products I Need 

For the next few weeks, I'll be purchasing deep conditioners and also get a new leave in conditioner. I'm still reading about two brands I saw.

Overall, I look forward to a good year and more length!


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