5 Things I did To Grow Hair & Retain Length in 2016

As my hair gets longer so does getting it into a ponytail become easier. Although I was 7 weeks post relaxer before touch up, I had more than an inch of growth if not two. My fly away hair has reduced drastically because a lot more hair can fit into the ponytail. To retain this year after the big chop, I focused on a few yet effective strategies and techniques. Let's get into them.

  1.  Stay hydrated: you may drink more juice or water to keep your body hydrated all the time. In doing that my new growth was moisturized so I didn't have to manipulate my hair daily in moisturizing and sealing.

  2. Be diligent with deep conditioning : As soon as I stopped cutting corners with wash days and deep conditioned more often, my hair got more and more hydrated and moisturized for days. Deep conditioning twice a week goes a long way to boost moisture content of the hair as well as make daily moisturizing very effective.

  3.  Use more moisture products to enhance moisture content. I use protein treatment once a while; our weather is too hot to ignore moisture. 

  4. Eat healthy meals. Once I got conscious about my food intake, I saw changes in my hair within weeks. The good thing is that I kept paying attention to the quality and not quantity of food I ate. Incorporating more fruits and vegetables especially in the last quarter  most definitely contributed to the amount of growth I had.

  5. Pay attention to your ends. I wear my hair out 2 out of the 7 days. My ends are always tucked in the ponytail. I'm not an advocate of braids and weaves so I stick to buns. Now that my hair is long enough, I'll certainly be dependent on more buns. If the occasion calls for a catchy hair style, I'll get it done. 


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