Grow An Inch A Month 2017 Edition

Around 2016, I'd embarked on a grow an inch a month  challenge that seems to.have worked when I kept my focus on it. In recent times, the attention has been on moisture retention.

Since the hair has grown so much, I'll be dedicating the year 2017 to hair growth, moisture retention and healthy scalp.

The first thing is the healthy scalp. I intend taking the scalp massaging seriously even when going to the salon. I'll take the manual brush for the stylist to use in cleaning the scalp during the wash. I'll use the battery powered brush at night to facilitate blood circulation which contributes to hair growth. This by maintaining a healthy scalp, I create the environment for more growth. I'm beginning this process with the next wash. Waiting for the year to end before implementing this is like waiting to be served a meal when you can serve yourself. It may be a 2017 goal but starting now would build the momentum needed.

Second on the agenda is  moisture retention. I've been deep conditioning twice a week and would be able to do so now that my hair is long enough to wear in a bun even after air drying.

The other moisture retention plan is to sustain the 2 litres a day challenge. Despite the harmattan and Sulphur use, my hair has remained quite moisturized. By staying hydrated, you are nourishing your hair from the inside. 

For the fact that I don't want to indulge in hair vitqiks 


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