6 Weeks Post Relaxer

I don't know how time flies but I'm definitely glad to be 6 weeks post relaxer. 

If I'm able to keep this braid up to March 31st, I'll win a shopping spree from hubby!!! If I fail, I owe a shopping spree too.Yes, it's that serious! 

I haven't cleaned my scalp and won't do so until mid January when I use the dark and lovely scalp wash. In between washes, I'll be using the hair refresher. The braids are just a week old so need for a cleansing until then.

For vitamins, I take my Mielle though I've missed two days so far. I also take maca capsules in the morning. I'll see how much growth I get when the braids come down.

I've had no acne from Mielle Organics and that's a plus.


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