Early Graying: What I want To Do

For my friends who've seen my gray hair, well, the sad news is the dye did cover the hair but I've seen more gray hair coming in. 

I took off to Google the causes and possible solutions and I got a Surprise - relaxers were mentioned. Now, the connection also leads to hormonal imbalance plausibly from relaxers. If you've been here for a while, you'd know that I take hair vitamins for the purpose of maintaining a healthy body. For the new readers, prior to my hair journey, I was on supplements. Therefore, these hair vitamins are normal for me.

Up until now, I'd been doing pretty well. Lately though, it's been one thing or the other so I stopped all the vitamins I was taking for about a week to flush my system. 

I went back to folic acid only as it's the one vitamin I can't neglect( you shouldn't too). Then, I took maca pills once a week. In order to finish the Mielle, I take it three times a week. I'll do the same for the nature's bounty because my body needs the other ingredients. As soon as I'm off the vitamins, I experience severe body aches and tiredness. I know it's genetic thus the best I do is stay on the supplement. The key ones for me include B complex and zinc. There are months I take pure iron supplements too to sustain my iron levels. If nothing comes up during the year, I'll keep taking the hair vitamins else I'll switch to the women's vitamins again. After several years, I've learnt to manage my condition but 2017 is throwing a curve at me so soon.

I don't mind the gray hair, I just don't like it occurring before its due time. With my health in such a balance, I'm staying off relaxing. I don't have the energy to wash weekly as well as other hair routines that I struggle with these days. Whatever is going on, I just hope its nothing serious.  I will visit my GP and will keep you updated.

I wear styles that masked the gray because I get loads of questions about it daily.

Despite changes in the frequency of my hair supplements,I'm positive about getting good results.

Lastly, if I'm unable to do more videos or more posts,pardon me. It's because of my low energy levels. I pray all goes well soon.


  1. Patricia Aikins-Ggaise11:21 am

    Awwww but gray is beautiful, sometimes they are hereditary too. I learn that henna too covers grey and eventually stops it . You can read about it and see. Thanks for the update

  2. I got my first grays in elementary school. My parents both went gray early and my brother and I have followed suit. I dyed it for a long time and then just said nope let's see what happens. I have a fluffy gray and black afro now and that works.

  3. That's the plan for me too. I'll just make it work like that.


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