Hair Musings #1

The year is still young but I don't want to waste any precious time on anything I won't enjoy doing. I'm pouring out how I feel about my hair as at now. This might change with time but let me share it for reference sake.

Somehow, I don't enjoy washing my hair, moisturizing and sealing it anymore. I just want to wake up, style and move. I know I haven't been able to drink much water like I used to but I still do my best to moisturize and seal daily. 

  1. Yes, It's that time of the year and I  feel like cutting it but I won't let my hormones do this to me again. At least I have a bet to win Lol. When I begin to feel this way, I usually pick the scissors and off then hair goes. This time, I'll wade through this feeling and keep my hair. The most painful thing for my so far has been wearing short hair and I've grown to have a huge disdain for the stress I put myself through with each cut. 

  2. I haven't enjoyed length at this stage in 4 years so I value it. I won't want to part from my goals so I'm going to do my best to fall in love with my hair again through just letting it be. I'd wanted to try new products this time but honestly, I want only 5 products in my stash this time. In this respect, I may just embark  on a no buy challenge this year. The exception is two shampoos and some leave in ( one for chelating and another for regular wash, and enough leave in for the year.). I don't know why the desire for products has died down. 

  3. The last thought on my mind is how to balance my hair vitamins and women's vitamins. I've been sick on and off and wonder what's going on with me. I'd figure it though I suspect my system is either detoxing or simply reacting to the vitamins.

  4. Washing once a month. It's a struggle getting the energy and desire to wash this hair. Is it possible to wash this relaxed hair once a month? 

That's a lot of musings and rambling but let's see if my feelings change during the year.


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