How I Prepared & Organized My Hair Products for 2017

I want to thank everyone who's here this day for staying with me up to this point. We want to start the new year on a good note so let's get to work. Though a post will be up on Friday, I think it's fit to chip in this one on this auspicious day!

Whenever you check your stash and it occurs to you that some are missing, don't fret! Check your wardrobe or shelf four times Lol. It could be stacked somewhere in the kids room too.

To make 2017 stress free, I had to rearrange my stash. To do this was a first time so I made sure to have some guidelines.

  • Which ones are used frequently?

  • Which ones are almost out?

  • Which ones are about to expire?

  • Which ones have longer shelf lives?

  • Which hair products are hardly used ?

  • Which are my most and least favourite?

With these guidelines, I arranged the products. First, the hardly used ones were placed at the back and then followed by those with longer shelf life.

Next was the products about to expire and almost out. The hair products at the front were those I frequently used and were my favourite.

By doing this, I got to know when and how to use each item. My wash days are better organized and I won't be getting surprises about expired stuff ( you pick it up and  bam! It's expiring in a month's time).

Another benefit is you are able to glance through products for better choices. I know what is about to be empty so I'm able to restock promptly.

Thirdly, you are able to determine the effective of each product you pick since you know which row it belongs.

Lastly, it reduces the tendency to buy unnecessary products. You know which ones are available so you are able to control purchasing what is not needed.


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