January Hair Goals in Review; February Goals

Welcome to the end of the first month of 2017! How did it go?

The main goal was finish the Mielle organics vitamins which is almost empty but I've paused it for a while as I was under the weather for a couple of days. I want to be certain that it has nothing to do with my sickness. I'll find a way to take it though so I'll report back on it.

Next, I took down the braids at two weeks! Let me just say that I owe hubby a shopping spree and since it will be close to his birthday, I know what to do ( he's not the physical gifts type). 

I've been using the Mielle organics hair milk to moisturize at least twice a week. I also use argan oil, avocado and pistachio oils.to seal. I wear the hair in buns and that's the life for the year.

I don't have any money allocated for braids or weaves this year ( Yes, I budget for my braids). I'm such an avid planner and even though all plans may  not fall through, I get to achieve some goals. In place of braids, I'm investing in ouchless goodie bands.

Lastly, I relaxed my hair at almost 7 weeks post. Check www.YouTube.com/EmprezzAbena for the full  details in the video. 

February Goals

  • Use up the kinky curly knot today leave in. After almost two years, this leave in has to be emptied. 

  •  Use Sulphur oil on the scalp 4 times a week. I got so much growth from using this mix and the vitamins. Since I will take the Mielle at different times, I'd have to keep the growth coming in using these growth oils. I intend to take the Mielle at certain times of the month to observe its effect. I'd never felt sick whilst taking a supplement so this is new to me. The irony is once I stopped, I had a cold- something I haven't had in years. My new batch of nature's bounty HSN will come in handy but instead of daily, I may take it three times a week.

  • Green House Effect 2 times a week for moisture after work so that by bed time, it will be dry and I can stretch it to bed. 

  • Keep wearing buns for work and flexi rods for weekends to give the hair a break if I have places to go. The last thing I want is to sit under a hooded dryer this year due to my eyes so I'm not going to get roller sets. It will be flexi rods which I'll allow to airdry even when I go to the salon.


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