My Relaxer at 7 Weeks

Here's my hair prior to the relaxer.

I used the Sunny Isle Jamaican black castor oil relaxer. ( first impressions are up on my YouTube channel). I'll do a full review soon.

What I noticed was the dyed part bled a bit during the rinse. My impressions about the relaxer will be in the review video but for now, here are some shots after the relaxer. I didn't suffer any burns too. I'm now some days post so this is a bit late.

Three days prior to the relaxer, I'd washed with the sheamoisture African black soap shampoo, deep conditioned with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor. That's a good thing because my hair was strengthened. I'd massaged my scalp with Tropic Isle aloe vera Jamaican black castor oil throughly. 

Basically,  can say that these preparations contributed to the awesome state of the hair after the process. 

The Relaxer Process 

The stylist mixed up the base and activator as directed on the pack. She sectioned the hair into four and though I'd wanted to tell her not to extend it towards the already straight parts, I kept quiet to see what she would do( first time doing a relaxer there). She did only the new growth so she gets more points there. Aside her quality products, I can say this is another indication of her quality service. 

She left the relxaer one for a some minutes, rinsed the hair about three times before using the neutralizing shampoo.

She deep conditioned as directed on the pack and use the mousse to set the hair. 

I'll do a wash in a few days time for length check. 

I have two more weeks to go with the Mielle but I'm already impressed with it.


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