Planning Wash Days

If you aren't a weave or briads wearer, then, your wash days will be easier with a planner. 

As a woman of many enterprises, I want to have a structured life and also free times for myself. The wash days will be inevitable so why not have a plan for it just as I do for all areas of my life? 

The trick is very simple. I downloaded a Diary; one I can easily write plans in and view in a panel form. Calendars are good but I don't want one where I have to select the date before entry. I chose "memories" from Google playstore and planned my wash for January. Toward the end of the month, I just plan for the next ones. You can even plan for the whole year and make changes when needed.

There are several benefits to this.

  • You get to choose products ahead of time and save some time Lol.

  • You plan the routine so you can incooroerate new techniques for easy implementation.

  • Manage and use up products. Since I don't want any product to cross over into new years, planning enables me to use up products with each wash.

  • Purchasing products will be easier  since you'll need what you or don't need.

That's how I'm going putting my hair journey into Armpit Length Cruise.


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