Wash Day ( Sulphur Oil Prepoo)

This week, I applied fresh aloe vera juice to my hair after work just to see how it will respond to it. When it dried up, I made the decision to do this  as often as I can when my hair is longer . Why?

  • It dried up fast so I can sleep soundly without wetness.

  • My hair didn't feel like there was anything in it.

I didn't co wash because it's not something I can do without experiencing shrinkage. Because of this, I won't be purchasing much of co wash conditioners for now. I rather get shampoos.

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The Wash

  • Shampoo carion: 

  • Deep conditioned with heat with dark and lovely amla legend. Now, the good thing I've got in my bathroom is a socket! This means I can use my heating cap in the bathroom and do my facial. Let me expatiate. I wash my hair during shower and I have to move out to deep condition, move back to rinse. The challenge is when I'm done showering, how do I return and rinse without wetting myself again? I figured out now I can deep condition after shampoo right there with the cap, brush my teeth, do a facial, wash some stuff and rinse off after 15 minutes. The second option is rinse in kitchen sink but hubby won't be happy with that if he catches me Lol.

  • Leave in: I used a bit of the kinky knot today leave in and rose water. I don't want to purchase just the Giovanni leave in, I want the shampoo to so for now, the rose water will do and a bit of the KCKT will do. I can get about 5 uses out of the KCKT. 

  • Then air  dried. 

      In a way, I know not braiding will help my edges get back to its state. However, like the addict I am, it's a battle each day to stay away from the salon. I want to get my own hair cornrowed but that will defeat the whole purpose if nurturing my ends. See my dilemma?


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