Wash Day With Steam Cap

During the week, I would apply Sulphur oil on the scalp at night and do a green house effect every other day. 

I've noticed the growth coming in so I'm going to keep doing that. I'll also do scalp massages at night whilst watching TV. I just need to stop being lazy and use the massage brush. The last time I did this, I had a lot of new growth coming through so I won't sleep on it. I apply oil to the hair and wear a cap to bed for the green house effect to increase moisture due to the dry weather.
I look forward to my hair at 3 weeks post as well as sharing more interesting stuff about my daily regimen.

The Wash

I decided to wash on Friday so I could install flexi rods.

 I wore my hair out to work on Friday for a change. Since the weather is pretty much cold, I didn't sweat with the hair though the hair hanged around My neck.

My hair felt like I'd fried it. I managed to shampoo in the evening and used the scalp massage brush to clean the scalp properly. I deep conditioned with aphogee 2 minutes reconstructor and aphogee balancing moisturizing treatment. I used the steam for almost 45 minutes.

 I put it off for a while and on for a while. The weather is still dry so I need a good dose of the moisture. It's days like this that get me wishing I were natural. I really didn't enjoy washing my hair and if it were Natural, I'd have been able to go for more weeks without fear of severe breakage. Ah, well!

I air dried with the banding method. I did two sections. 

The flexi rod didn't come off.

    How's your hair doing?


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