3 Months Castor Oil Grow Your Edges Quest

I'm a firm believer of castor oil for hair and skin as result of the positive results I get when I use it. This post is late because it's been over a week since we started. 

Pardon the "sexy" face Loool. This is the best angle of the edges. When the challenge is over, I'll post a similar angle.

The goal for me is to get full hairline as I don't have any braiding in my calendar for this year. As if by divine orchestrations, my last cornrow experience was terrible! I'd decided not to braid this year using extensions and possibly my own hair. The attempt to use my own hair having failed me, I've resigned myself to focusing on making good use of this 'ban'. 

The rules.

  • All you need is to use the castor oil twice a day- morning and evening. The first check in is end of February to see our progress. I extended this challenge to readers here for those who wish to do it.

  • We are using undiluted Jamaican black castor oil. No addition of oils like coconut and olive. Just apply the castor oil directly on the hairline.

  • You may use any castor oil of your choice be it black or regular. It's a about why a works for you.


The challenge runs from 4th February to 4th April, 2017 and application is daily as already mentioned.


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