February Hair Goals Review & March Goals

I'd worn my cornrows  for just 3 days when I experienced the neck pain and had to take it down( the fault was how I laid my head at night) 

The Braid

I clarified and chelated  after the take down at the salon and got a roller set. During the month, I used a bit of the Sulphur oil on my scalp and the Jbco on the edges daily. This time, I use the Jbco right before bed. That's a good way of ensuring I use it twice a day. I want to see results sooner than later.

Goals Review 

  • Stopped the Mielle organics adult healthy hair vitamins! I'm so excited to have tried this supplement because my hair did grow like crazy! But for the fact that the pills are too bug for me to take, I would have loved to use it as my regular supplement. I gave up with just a few capsules to go. I just couldn't psychologically take it anymore. Because I had experienced that nausea, my mind associates the vitamins with the nausea.Hmmm 

  • I used the Sulphur oil mix on my scalp very often and the Jbco on the edges twice a day! Yes, I use it before and after work. 

  • I got a roller set once in the month and it was OK. I just wanted stretched hair for the week. However, I'm now about 80% natural so my regimen will change a bit.

My favourite style was the beaded bun.

    March Goals 

    • Be consistent with  2 litres of water daily. My bottle takes 700ml so filling it three times a day makes me reach the goal. As soon as I began drinking more water, the petty headaches I had been experiencing seized.

    • As regards vitamins, I've switched to Mane choice vitamins. This is the perfect time to test the effectiveness or otherwise again. I saw growth with Mielle so I hope I gwt better results.

    • Use the Jamaican black castor oil daily on the edges. I've noticed a considerable amount of new growth on the hair line hence I'll keep using the Jbco. During vacation, I'll use the wild growth oil to finish it up. I get quite conscious of the smell so when I'm home, I will have the liberty to use it without being self conscious of the smell.

    • Use up the cantu sheabutter conditioner which I'll use  as my cleanser. The raining season means the opportunity to have super moisturized hair so leaving out shampoo won't hurt since oils will be low key in the regimen. I won't need to seal as often as during the dry season. I may use the conditioner into April so I  will add the sheamoisture superfruit in April.

    • Use my hair growth oil mixture daily on the scalp. Post on that soon.

      I trimmed off about 5 inches a few weeks ago and then took the plunge and cut off everything.  I'm still on a healthy edges journey so that's the focus for now. As the edges fill in, I'll be able to divert my attention to other areas. 

      Nothing drastic has changed in the regimen. In fact, I have a few products to use up now. When your hair is short, new growth doesn't matter. I don't want to jinx anything so let's keep the growth going. 


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