My Semi Big Chop and Tapered Cut Lol.

I call it a semi big chop for the reason that I have a bit of relaxed hair raining at the front. The cut is more of a tapered cut so I pay more attention to the leave out part. I can put it into flexi rods to style it. It won't be uncomfortable sleeping in it too as the hair is at the top so I plan on doing more flexi rods.

The no buy challenge continues  because I have enough for the year. The exceptions are the aloe shampoo, regular shampoo and a styling gel. Currently, I use Eco styler argan oil but I want one with a more stronger hold- perhaps the olive oil one.

As for length, I'm not perturbed at all. I want to enjoy every minute of this cut and if possible, document each week's progress with you. I love long hair too so I'll push to get the length back in no time.

I feel more at peace with this tapered cut because I enjoy a bit of length as well as having no stress over hair and relaxer stretch. The little tapered front cut will be off by the 7th of the 7th month of this year (7th July) so I can wear a natural tapered cut. More details will be given as the weeks roll by.

The no braid challenge continues with even better twists because I can't braid this hair yet. I mean I have the length to braid the leave out which can cover the whole head but I won't do that. However, I'll most likely braid it up in April for the Easter season. I've already decided on a senegalese twist zip braid (just like the one I did in 2016). 

That means I have 9 weeks to grow the sides into about 2 inches more. Is it possible? Yes but I won't stress myself. I'll keep up with my vitamins and routine.

Why the cut?

 I've been facing serious health challenges and this year, I knew I wasn't going to relax the hair as I mentioned in some few posts. I made that choice because I got to know that the relaxers may be a part of the causes of my poor health. You don't have to eat the chemicals to get the side effects, just having it on the scalp has its own effects. I want to eliminate anything I can get rid of so I get the positive results I want. Even if the relaxers aren't part, I won't lose anything.

I'm so unhappy about these health issues. As if that wasn't enough, I have personal struggles I'm working on so  I know that keeping the hair in a short tapered cut will give me some free time to attend to the pressing matters. Even six months of no hair stress is more than enough time. By July, I pray to have a more positive health update.

If you've read up to this point, then, let me ask you for a favour. Say a prayer for my family. In due time, I'll open up.


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