Products I Want To Use Up in 2017

As an unintentional hoarder, I tend to have hair products from 2013 that haven't been used up but this year, there would be a massive emptying of stash; let's see.

  • Kinky curly knot today leave in

  • Sheamoisture super fruit conditioner 

  • Rose water ( it has about 6 months life span

  • Chi  silk infusion ( it has to be emptied because it was supposed to be used up within a year of opening.)**Given to a friend.

  • The insta argan oil ( it has to be used within a year of opening )

  • Cantu sheabutter gel oil( it is meant to be a sealant so I'll use it as such)

  • Cantu sheabutter anti frizz foam wrap

  • Cantu sheabutter split ender mender: I actually intend using it on the ends of the hair as it gets longer so this year is the right time to use it. **Since I'm not bothered about shrinkage, I'll use it as a daily spritz.

There are others that aren't pertinent. These ones are emergency ones Lol.

What do you want to use up?


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