The Most Terrible Braid Experience!

If you had seen me during the week, there's no way you would have believed that I was in excruciating pain as a result of how I slept with my Cornrow.

I couldn't turn my neck the next morning and for the next three days. It was so horrible! It wasn't the braid; it was the way I laid down at night because of the cornrow pony at the back.

By the third day, I had to take it down to relief the pain. I'm back to wearing my own hair as the neck heals. I'm able to turn it a bit but the pain is a different story.

I used hot water massages and hot ointment to reduce the pain. This is the most terrible experience I've had with my hair, even the dreadlocks one doesn't come close. 

I decided to get some hair beads to add to my styling options. I'll do a practice style and see how it goes.


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