4 Weeks After Big Chop: Natural Hair Update

What's been going on with my natural hair? 

For week one, it was mainly cleansing the scalp. I used the scalp massage brush about twice that week to wash the hair. I also co washed to infuse moisture back into the hair.

 Week 2, I decided to apply aloe vera daily on the scalp, moisturizing with hibiscus leave in, rise water and glycerin spritz.  That's been consistently done in my routine.

Week 3, the focus was on using up my onion shampoo as well as testing the egg overnight growth treatment. When your hair is short and shrinks, it doesn't really matter. After all, it's the same style each morning; comb and go.Lol.

The overnight treatment just gave my hair the needed protein. As for length,  I saw none. 

This week,  I stopped using liquid leave in conditioner in the morning. I rather spritz the hibiscus at night. I also got the cocoa butter for sealing in moisture. I apply the Mielle organics avocado hair milk and seal. 

All these treatments are meant to infuse a lot of moisture in the hair due to scab hair ( the first inch or so of the natural hair seems to be the most dry after big chop possibly due to the impact of the relaxer chemicals).

 If you don't get this under control, you'll keep struggling until you trim that inch off. I don't intend trimming that much yet so the maintenance mood will be high.

My edges so far. 

It's not easy staying away from braids. What curbs the itch is the DIYs I can easily do to my hair. However, if I get tired, I may braid it up. I can't get a decent cornrow yet else I would have opted for it just to be able to apply my concoctions. 

If I do get a braid, it will be using Marley braid so I can easily and still apply my creams. Nothing is set in stone. 

How's your hair doing? I'm now 10 weeks Post relaxer. Looking forward to week 20

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